Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hey Billy, I heard a sweet song that day. Someone singing something about an angel glowing all over the place. I guess he must be an angel himself, how sweet can one get? Once again its that candy man, Akon.

I also heard something about the only girl in the world. But from someone with the most horrible voice in the world always trying to be Nelly Fertado- Rihanna.

I heard many people who are not even blacks themselves attempting to rap. Are they true to their beliefs? Billy, they are only taking us for a ride. Watch your money and don't be conned. These rappers don't have a cause, they are not from the streets, they are living in big houses and driving big cars bought by their daddies. So what are their complaints?

How can someone who don't even live in Trenchtown wanna be like Bob Marley? How can someone who is not a gangster wanna be like Ice-T? How can someone who doesn't know martial arts be Bruce Lee? Look at Green Hornet. you will know what I mean.

Hey Billy, I met a blogger the other day who says that blogging is only for braggers. People who have nothing better to do but brag and brag and brag.

I guess we are all like baby rappers learning how to rap. What is our cause? Hey Billy, I am confused.

One blogger tells me he wants to take his own life. But before he does it, he wants to let the whole world knows about it. I say that is copycat. Many years ago a Japanese writer did that. He committed suicide slashing himself with a Japanese sword (He did hara-kiri) in front of his faithful readers.

Do not be so foolish, no one gives a damn if you live or die. Everyone is so damn comfortable in his own world.

Hey Billy, I went into a bookstore and I browsed through racks and racks of books. Yet I could hardly find something decent to read.

I went into a music store and I flipped through every cd. Yet I could hardly find something worthwhile to listen to.

Hey Billy, I guess what they want is our money.

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