Saturday, November 26, 2011


My friend Tommy is a nice and shy guy

 He always wanted to experience a foot massage. So one night, having gathered enough courage, he went alone to a parlour in Puchong.

 The female massager, a young sexy woman from China, asked Tommy if he wanted  to try something extra special. Tommy was confused. The woman suggested a full body massage together with something naughty.  Tommy was so excited and said yeah and followed the woman into a small room with a single bed.

 Tommy was then asked to strip himself, while the woman undressed. After that, she wrapped a towel around her body and told Tommy to wait in the room, while she went to the washroom located by the corridor.

 My friend Tommy, having nothing on, hopped happily onto the bed and waited eagerly for the woman to return. The China woman never returned and by that time, Tommy was getting rather cold.

 All of  a sudden, the door of the room blasted wide open and four or five police officers dashed in. One of them, with his cell phone, took a picture of Tommy,  lying there completely naked on the bed. It was a raid!!

 Poor Tommy had to have all his personal details taken down by the police before he was allowed to put his clothes back on and go home. That night 4 females, all chinese nationals,  were arrested at the parlour for entering the country illegally and engaging in sex services.

Strange but true, strangers in the night.

 The next day, Tommy came round and told me that he would never, in his life,  go for any massage ever again!!

There was another time, i was taking the night train to Singapore.

 There was a man in dark glasses, wearing a short sleeved floral shirt and brown short pants around 30 years old,  sitting directly opposite me.  I couldn't tell if he was gloating at me because of his dark glasses. The seat next to him was empty.

 At about half past midnight, the train made a stop at Seremban station. Many passengers got on board.  A young lady of about  25 years old came and sat on the seat next to the man.

 The train started to move again to continue its journey to Singapore. Listening to the monotonous  rocking of the train and the view of the continuous darkness outside the window, i couldn't help myself staying awake any longer. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

 Just before that,  i  noticed the man and the woman opposite me, both had fallen asleep, with their heads leaned backwards resting on their headrests.

 I slept all the way until i heard the announcement on the PA  that the train had reached Johor Baru. It was then 6.15 am.  I slowly opened my eyes and as I did so,  I saw directly opposite me, the woman was sleeping with her head on top of the man's lap. And the man had one of his arms around the woman's shoulder. They remained in this position till the train reached Singapore at 7.30am.

 I kept thinking,  how could that be?  The man and the woman were total strangers to each other. When did they become lovers, did i miss out something while i was sleeping?

 Strange as it seemed, strangers in the night falling in love at first sight!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Another incident happened,  about a month later. My mum has taken my granny and my little sister to sleep over for the weekend,  at a relative house in Kampar. I remember it was on a Saturday night. Only my dad and i were in the house.

It was sometime in the middle of the night that i got up to go to the toilet to pee. After doing that i, still half awake, walked slowly back to my room. The house was dead quiet this time of the night.

 Just as i was about to step into my room, i could hear a voice coming from my granny's room at the end of the corridor. I remembered that my granny was away with my mum in Kampar. So, no one could possibly be in her room.

Out of curiosity,  i walked towards her room. Reaching there i put my ear on the door and listened. I could clearly hear, coming from within,  the voice of someone singing very softly.

I didn't hesitate and turned the knob of the door to open it.

Though the room was in darkness, there was sufficient lighting coming in from a street light on the street below,  just outside the window.

So slowly and silently that i pushed the door that,  should there be anyone in there,  it would be impossible for that person to know that it had been opened.

I quietly leaned my head forward and looked within.  In the darkness i saw, at the left hand side of the room,   a dark shadowy figure of a girl sitting at my granny's dressing table.

At the sight of that, i was completely overcame by fear and stood there frozen at the door.

 Somehow or rather my instinct told me to run. I did. Immediately,  i turned and ran away as fast as i could to my dad.

I was crying and screaming "There is a ghost! There is a ghost in the house!"

Within seconds, my dad woke up and came out of his room. He asked "What ghost? Where?"

"In granny's bedroom" i answered. I hid myself in a corner while my dad went into the room and switched on the light. Then he called to me "Come in here, come in and see for yourself. There is nothing. There is no one in here and there is no ghost!"

My dad told me to stop imagining things and that what i saw was probably a shadow, cast on the dressing table,  by the tree outside the bedroom window. He then asked me to go over to his room to sleep.

A year later, my parents sold the old house and we moved to Subang Jaya.  Granny and i were so relieved.

One Sunday morning, as i was having breakfast with my dad at a restaurant nearby,  my dad met an old friend from Ipoh. My dad invited him to sit with us at our table. Two of them started to talk about their old times back in the old town.

Dad's friend:
"So, you have finally decided to move from that house. People said it was unlucky to be staying there, you know, because of the unfortunate incident that happened."

"What incident? There was nothing that i know of,  happened in that house."

Dad's friend:
"You didn't know what happened? Well, since now that your family is no longer living there,  i can tell you what actually happened. The previous owner before you, had an eighteen year old daughter. One night, she was found dead in her bedroom upstairs. She hanged herself from the ceiling with an electric wire cord. She left a suicide note on the dressing table for her parents. Said she was very unhappy finding out that her dad had another woman."

Hearing that, i was in a state of shock. That room upstairs had all along been my granny's bedroom.

My dad then turned to me with a look on his face that expressed acknowledgement that what i had been telling him all the while, about the house,  was the truth.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I sincerely wish to thank everybody that visited my blog and special thanks to those who left their wonderful comments. Very much appreciate all your kind words. I am sorry to say that my story has not ended.  As Halloween is over, the remaining of the story is definitely not as creepy,  i hope............

I had always knew that that old house in Ipoh was haunted. Somehow or rather,  i got tired of convincing my parents about that for they wouldn't listen. I was 15 years old then.

There were 2 incidents that i wish now to relate.

I had a granny staying with us. Her room was upstairs , about 15 steps away from mine. The old town houses were rather long. My room was just beside the bathroom. My granny had a  habit of taking a bath in the afternoon, after lunch.

As usual in the afternoons, only me and my granny were in the house. My parents were at work and my little sister was at school.

On one particularly hot afternoon at about 2.30pm, while my granny was taking a bath upstairs and i was doing my homework at the dining table downstairs, something very strange happened.

I, all of a sudden, heard my granny upstairs, who was just coming out of the bathroom after her bath,  loudly screaming   "Who are you? Hey, who are you? Come out of there, come out of there Now!!".

I quickly rushed up the stairs. On reaching the top i saw my granny standing outside the door of her room, pointing with a shaking finger "There, there, in my room, she went in there, under the bed!". My granny's face went pale as if she saw a ghost.

 "Who, who went under your bed?  There's only you and me here in the house " i said.

 "A girl, a girl with long black hair,  in a yellow dress and black shoes, she went in there under the bed!" my granny replied.

 It seemed that my granny , as she was coming out of the bathroom,  saw a girl with long hair of about 17 or 18 years old,  running hurriedly past her,  heading from my room towards her room, which door was left opened. My granny just saw the back of  the girl disappearing into her room. She saw the girl's legs and her black shoes under the bed.

 I didn't feel afraid as it was in broad daylight. So, I went into the room and looked under the bed, while my granny stood outside as though there was a giant cockroach there.

There was nothing. I told my parents about it when they came home. My mum said that granny was getting old and that she was starting to imagine all kinds of  weird things.

Another incident happened, about a month later.  I remember it was on a Saturday night. My mum had taken my granny and my little sister to sleep over for the weekend, at  a relative house in Kampar. Only my dad and I were in the house.

It was sometime in the middle of the night that i..........To Be Continued.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Everybody likes to listen to ghost stories once in awhile, right?  And what better time is there for one than at Halloween.

When i was little i always loved to listen to scary tales late at night in my bedroom. But always making sure i went to the washroom room first cos after listening to the story i dare not go anywhere except under my blanket. It would be great to have the lights off as well to listen.

One time my dad just held a torchlight below his face to tell me and my sister a ghost story. We were scared stiff. The very next morning my dad got banned from entering our bedroom at night.

I would like to relate something that i experienced at age 12.

I was living in Ipoh then. Our house was right in the town centre and pretty old. And like most of the houses along the road, it was poorly lighted.

I remember there was a death in my neighbours house that day and that night a chinese prayer ceremony was going on.

The monks were like chanting throughout the night. In the still of the night, their chants and prayers seemed to  sound louder. I could hear it even from my bedroom.

I didn't know what time of the night it was,  i was awoken from a vivid dream of someone handling me a RM10 note. It was so real that i lifted up my right hand to receive it. As i did so, i opened my eyes . There was no RM10 note,  but only my hand, raised high above my body. I instantly realised that i had woken from a dream.

It was at that instant that i saw,  standing right in front of my bedroom door,  a figure dressed in black.

It appeared to be a figure of a man, standing there as still as a statue.

 By his features i could recognise. He was my neighbour. I thought, didn't he pass away earlier in the afternoon?

Why was he still here? Why in my room?

The figure began to walk from the door to the window and back again towards me. Seeing this,  I covered my head with my blanket. I shut my eyes tightly and dared not move. Silently i was crying. I was scared.

I listened and listened. I could hear the sound of his movements around my room while the monks next door were still praying and chanting.

I listened and listened till, i hardly could remember when,  i fell back to sleep.

The next morning i told my mum everything. She said it was only a bad dream.

That afternoon my father went over to my neighbours to pay respect to the dead man.

When my dad returned home,  he told my mum that he took a look at the dead body in the coffin.

 He said the dead man was dressed in black.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Welcome to Bruno Mars Kingdom! Where no one can escape from  his terrible and sweet torture.

 He is everywhere, there is no point in hiding, he will get you sooner or later! You will surrender to him sooner or later. 

 He is in the air you breathe. You can hear him on the radio, in every hotel lobby, in every shopping mall, in every pasar malam, at the station, the buses, the airport , the planes, the ships, the casino, the hairdressers, the massage parlour, the funeral parlour,  you name it, he is everywhere.

 Most likely he is on every ringtone and every desktop etc. etc.

 Just after that sweet angel Akon has retired, we are now ruled by another sweeter angel,  Bruno Mars. I just don't understand, are these 2 sweet angels cousins? Hearing their sweet melodies really get my hair standing. 

Where on earth can one find tunes like that? I think they belong to heaven.

Simply listen to King Bruno's Marry You, Just The Way You Are, Lazy Song, Billionaire and all the rest of his holiness treasure and you will know what I mean.

. America is a funny country. Anyone with a simple tune can get into the Top 40, just like anyone can be a President and any one can be an American Idol. Songs with tunes so elementary that only fit  kids at the kindergarten level are, to name a few, Rain  Over Me, What U Waiting For, Stereo Heart, Party Rock Anthem, Boyfriend and Lighters and every song of Bruno Mars and Akon.

 Nowadays songs are so so childish that include lyrics like love you like a song..or Hey Ho, daylight come and me wanna go home. Come on people, they are just insulting our intellect. Can't they come out with something deeper like our honourable idols from Manchester, England!

 I say it once and again British music can beat American music anytime!! American music only takes us for fools and only want our hard earn money. The rappers are worse. Just because they sounded tough doesn't mean they are intelligent. Listen to PitBull , Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre  and other West Coast rappers, they sound so lame. Just listen to Dizzie Rascal of the UK and you will discover what real rapping is. That guy is COOL!! You have to hear to believe, just try his song Stand Up Tall from the album Showtime.

 Anyway , back to our King Bruno, long live the king!! Viva La Vida!! Viva La Vida!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I don't understand what all the fuss is about korean pop. First i do not understand the language. I think it is kind of cute if you rap with it. But if you listen long enough, especially to korean boy groups rapping, like Beast, Shinee, Big Bang, Dalmatian , SE7EN and Infinite it will become very annoying.

This also applies to the girl groups, most of them rapping in a duck kind of quacking voice. To name a few 2NE1, Girls Generation, T-Ara, 4 Minute, Kara and After School. Everyone wants to sound tough and at the same time look cute.

Most of the girls and boys in a pop group cannot perform a complete dance. You will notice if you ever watched a Korean MV. All they do is to dress up nice and move their body, especially their hands in the MV,  which is split up into many segments. They don't even sing on the MV but mimic.

Talking about cuteness. I guess nobody in the world can beat the Japanese.

Every pop idol in Korea looks facially perfect. It is no secret that everyone has undergone plastic surgery. It is no easy life to be a pop idol in Korea. You have to undergo years of hard training.

I don't understand why there are so many members in some groups like Super Junior and Girls Generation. I think Super Junior should be named Super Crowded like a hypermarket is,  at weekends. And Girls Generation should be named Girls Population!

Korean Pop is so monotonous, every song has almost the same drum beat. Almost every song has a little bit of English in it, why is that so?

It is amusing to count  the number of clothes the idols change into, between sets for just one MV. No wonder DongDaeMun is doing great business!

To All Lovers of  Korean Pop...Good Luck To You!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


An old friend came by, he looked so much older than his age. He came and talked about the old times. The times that I once had some feelings for him. He knew that I did in a way missed him. He tried to bring back to life those uncertain times. He tried to wake the sentimental side of me. He spoke with emotion. I could sense that he was about to cry. I kept my cool. I kept quiet as he spoke. Deep in my heart I knew one truth. And that is.....

for all the years that we had been together, he never once told me that he loved me.

He had his chances. In fact, I never opened myself to anyone. He came so close to winning my heart. Now I realise my foolish heart can be so weak. He came so close but he hesitated. Was he undecided or was he scared? At that moment my eyes were closed and I was so fragile. Anyone could just wrap me around his arms and I would fall without resisting. The power of love had overcome me and my foolish heart was waiting to be taken. Somehow, he hesitated and discontinued his advances. He kept repeating apologies. I did not understand.  He made me feel that I did something wrong. Something that I ought to feel guilty about. Was I improper and was I immoral? Somehow he made me feel as though he was Adam, the innocent one. And I was Eve, the temptress. How could he think so lowly of me? 

Now meeting him again after such a long while just makes me wonder. How lucky I was that I did not belong to him. He came by today as if he was coming back to claim what was once his. He doesn't understand that people change and time can change a person a lot.

I know that in his mind. I am still the one, the naive and the simple minded girl, who could be easily won over.
I am sure he thought that I had been weeping night after night over him. And now he comes back after I had deserved such pain, to forgive me.

Well , so sorry to say, my dear friend. You are not welcomed.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hey Billy, I heard a sweet song that day. Someone singing something about an angel glowing all over the place. I guess he must be an angel himself, how sweet can one get? Once again its that candy man, Akon.

I also heard something about the only girl in the world. But from someone with the most horrible voice in the world always trying to be Nelly Fertado- Rihanna.

I heard many people who are not even blacks themselves attempting to rap. Are they true to their beliefs? Billy, they are only taking us for a ride. Watch your money and don't be conned. These rappers don't have a cause, they are not from the streets, they are living in big houses and driving big cars bought by their daddies. So what are their complaints?

How can someone who don't even live in Trenchtown wanna be like Bob Marley? How can someone who is not a gangster wanna be like Ice-T? How can someone who doesn't know martial arts be Bruce Lee? Look at Green Hornet. you will know what I mean.

Hey Billy, I met a blogger the other day who says that blogging is only for braggers. People who have nothing better to do but brag and brag and brag.

I guess we are all like baby rappers learning how to rap. What is our cause? Hey Billy, I am confused.

One blogger tells me he wants to take his own life. But before he does it, he wants to let the whole world knows about it. I say that is copycat. Many years ago a Japanese writer did that. He committed suicide slashing himself with a Japanese sword (He did hara-kiri) in front of his faithful readers.

Do not be so foolish, no one gives a damn if you live or die. Everyone is so damn comfortable in his own world.

Hey Billy, I went into a bookstore and I browsed through racks and racks of books. Yet I could hardly find something decent to read.

I went into a music store and I flipped through every cd. Yet I could hardly find something worthwhile to listen to.

Hey Billy, I guess what they want is our money.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Believe is the key.

When you are in trouble deep. In a situation where there seems to be no way out. You think help will never come. Say a little prayer to the one you believe in. You will never know. That prayer might be answered.

You must be honest and sincere in what you ask. Do not be arrogant or proud. It is not a time for that, as you are desperate. It is the time to be humble.

When you ask for help, say it sincerely with all your heart that you need help. Even though no one cares, believe it or not, help will come.

You may not realise it. The next day, something might just appear out of the blue when you least expect it, to help you. Although it may not solve your whole problem, it may help to lighten your burden in a way that as time progresses, your prayer will be answered in full. Believe it.

Whenever your prayer is answered, whether partly or fully, be grateful. Always be thankful. You know there is always that someone who is stronger and more powerful than you. This person is more important than whatever that is around you. Without him, there is no existence, so always give thanks to him for he never deserts you.

There are times that no friends or relatives, however close, will lend you a hand. Especially when you are financially desperate, people keep away from you as though you carried a deadly disease.

I learnt that people like to see others suffer. Your neighbours would never like to see you are better than them. If you get a new car, they will get a better one than yours. If you renovate your home, they will start to do the same but do it better than yours.

Do not intimidate yourself. Remember, whatever makes someone rich, makes you poor. Never pity anyone richer than you. I don't.

Everybody wants to be somewhere.
Everybody wants to be somebody.
Everybody wants respect
Everybody wants to be known
Everybody wants to be rich
But some just do not have the luck
Everybody wants to live forever
No one does.