Thursday, November 10, 2011


Another incident happened,  about a month later. My mum has taken my granny and my little sister to sleep over for the weekend,  at a relative house in Kampar. I remember it was on a Saturday night. Only my dad and i were in the house.

It was sometime in the middle of the night that i got up to go to the toilet to pee. After doing that i, still half awake, walked slowly back to my room. The house was dead quiet this time of the night.

 Just as i was about to step into my room, i could hear a voice coming from my granny's room at the end of the corridor. I remembered that my granny was away with my mum in Kampar. So, no one could possibly be in her room.

Out of curiosity,  i walked towards her room. Reaching there i put my ear on the door and listened. I could clearly hear, coming from within,  the voice of someone singing very softly.

I didn't hesitate and turned the knob of the door to open it.

Though the room was in darkness, there was sufficient lighting coming in from a street light on the street below,  just outside the window.

So slowly and silently that i pushed the door that,  should there be anyone in there,  it would be impossible for that person to know that it had been opened.

I quietly leaned my head forward and looked within.  In the darkness i saw, at the left hand side of the room,   a dark shadowy figure of a girl sitting at my granny's dressing table.

At the sight of that, i was completely overcame by fear and stood there frozen at the door.

 Somehow or rather my instinct told me to run. I did. Immediately,  i turned and ran away as fast as i could to my dad.

I was crying and screaming "There is a ghost! There is a ghost in the house!"

Within seconds, my dad woke up and came out of his room. He asked "What ghost? Where?"

"In granny's bedroom" i answered. I hid myself in a corner while my dad went into the room and switched on the light. Then he called to me "Come in here, come in and see for yourself. There is nothing. There is no one in here and there is no ghost!"

My dad told me to stop imagining things and that what i saw was probably a shadow, cast on the dressing table,  by the tree outside the bedroom window. He then asked me to go over to his room to sleep.

A year later, my parents sold the old house and we moved to Subang Jaya.  Granny and i were so relieved.

One Sunday morning, as i was having breakfast with my dad at a restaurant nearby,  my dad met an old friend from Ipoh. My dad invited him to sit with us at our table. Two of them started to talk about their old times back in the old town.

Dad's friend:
"So, you have finally decided to move from that house. People said it was unlucky to be staying there, you know, because of the unfortunate incident that happened."

"What incident? There was nothing that i know of,  happened in that house."

Dad's friend:
"You didn't know what happened? Well, since now that your family is no longer living there,  i can tell you what actually happened. The previous owner before you, had an eighteen year old daughter. One night, she was found dead in her bedroom upstairs. She hanged herself from the ceiling with an electric wire cord. She left a suicide note on the dressing table for her parents. Said she was very unhappy finding out that her dad had another woman."

Hearing that, i was in a state of shock. That room upstairs had all along been my granny's bedroom.

My dad then turned to me with a look on his face that expressed acknowledgement that what i had been telling him all the while, about the house,  was the truth.


  1. Luckily your family moved out of that house. But I do feel sorry for that poor girl, ending her life like that.....

  2. Seriously babe, you write well.. You actually freaked me out with this creepy story especially when I'm alone... (=.=)

  3. Sound so scary and luckily you no longer stay there anymore.

  4. scary~ i hate horror stuff T.T

  5. Creepy. A friend of mine can actually see those things, I dunno how he lives with it.

  6. I'm from Ipoh and I didn't know the old houses there are haunted. Do you mean those houses in Old Town?