Saturday, November 26, 2011


My friend Tommy is a nice and shy guy

 He always wanted to experience a foot massage. So one night, having gathered enough courage, he went alone to a parlour in Puchong.

 The female massager, a young sexy woman from China, asked Tommy if he wanted  to try something extra special. Tommy was confused. The woman suggested a full body massage together with something naughty.  Tommy was so excited and said yeah and followed the woman into a small room with a single bed.

 Tommy was then asked to strip himself, while the woman undressed. After that, she wrapped a towel around her body and told Tommy to wait in the room, while she went to the washroom located by the corridor.

 My friend Tommy, having nothing on, hopped happily onto the bed and waited eagerly for the woman to return. The China woman never returned and by that time, Tommy was getting rather cold.

 All of  a sudden, the door of the room blasted wide open and four or five police officers dashed in. One of them, with his cell phone, took a picture of Tommy,  lying there completely naked on the bed. It was a raid!!

 Poor Tommy had to have all his personal details taken down by the police before he was allowed to put his clothes back on and go home. That night 4 females, all chinese nationals,  were arrested at the parlour for entering the country illegally and engaging in sex services.

Strange but true, strangers in the night.

 The next day, Tommy came round and told me that he would never, in his life,  go for any massage ever again!!

There was another time, i was taking the night train to Singapore.

 There was a man in dark glasses, wearing a short sleeved floral shirt and brown short pants around 30 years old,  sitting directly opposite me.  I couldn't tell if he was gloating at me because of his dark glasses. The seat next to him was empty.

 At about half past midnight, the train made a stop at Seremban station. Many passengers got on board.  A young lady of about  25 years old came and sat on the seat next to the man.

 The train started to move again to continue its journey to Singapore. Listening to the monotonous  rocking of the train and the view of the continuous darkness outside the window, i couldn't help myself staying awake any longer. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

 Just before that,  i  noticed the man and the woman opposite me, both had fallen asleep, with their heads leaned backwards resting on their headrests.

 I slept all the way until i heard the announcement on the PA  that the train had reached Johor Baru. It was then 6.15 am.  I slowly opened my eyes and as I did so,  I saw directly opposite me, the woman was sleeping with her head on top of the man's lap. And the man had one of his arms around the woman's shoulder. They remained in this position till the train reached Singapore at 7.30am.

 I kept thinking,  how could that be?  The man and the woman were total strangers to each other. When did they become lovers, did i miss out something while i was sleeping?

 Strange as it seemed, strangers in the night falling in love at first sight!!


  1. LOL wow. Like, WOW. That really is cool But I experience stuf flike that all the time. Ahahahaha you get to meet incredible on the train from Langkawi to KL (I'm from kedah so i take the midnight train usually) the weirdest, awesomest people. You poor friend!!! Ah well, at least he got off okay.

    p/s: a guy who fell in love? Or taking advantage? *wink wink*

  2. Tommy is cute! LOL

    Hey, thanks for stopping by. Glad you find the factory outlet list useful. Happy shopping the next time you are in Bangkok.

  3. Seems like anything is possible these days and your friend Tommy got into trouble for some excitement which never took place.

  4. Many years ago, when I was a court reporter, I used to see many Chinese and Russian girls in the magistrates court for illegal entry, their pimps used to come and bail them out. I reckon it was business as usual after that...