Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here we go again, all lovers are taken for a ride once usual the cost of roses and candlelight dinners shoots up.

However, all the Romeos around wouldn't mind.  Romance is in the air.

What is money when one is in love, it is Romeo's honour to spend and spend on Juliet.                                                                                                            

Valentine is the perfect time for the ladies to show off. Just this morning my neighbour's wife went jumping and screaming with joy at her front gate. She was delivered a big bouquet of roses sent by her husband. She was waving the flowers around like a little girl so that all could see and envy.

She deliberately called loudly to her children inside the house "Come out and see what your sweet Daddy sent to me, how loving of him!"

Poor fool, I caught her husband walking hand in hand with another woman, a much younger one, while I was holidaying up in Genting Highland last month.

Should I tell her? Better not, I guess. Better mind my own business.

Last night, my casual friend and I went for dinner at The Ship in Damansara Jaya.

The place was so packed with couples. The  tables were arranged so close to one another that we could overhear what was said between the couple at the table to our right. There sat a man of about 50 yrs old and a charming young lady around 25.

The lady kept asking the man to keep his promise about them booking into a hotel after the dinner. Throughout the dinner the man looked worried and I overheard him saying something like his wife was expecting him home to eat.

When I told my friend what I heard, he just laughed and said "Wow, lucky old man, can get 2 chicks and 2 meals one night!"

I always don't give a damn about Valentine as it is such a scam!

Instead, here are several more worthwhile occasions that call for celebration, for instance Mistress Day, Maid's Day and Divorcees' Day.  On these days, I bet all the men will go queuing up to buy gifts and roses for their lover as well as booking dinner tables and hotel rooms for the night! Good luck to them!

So, wives of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your husbands!                                                    


  1. Yeap, too many unfaithful 'ahem' in these world. It's sad isn't it. There is not many real Romeo in this world

  2. damn good. ha ha ha, good observation

  3. Sigh. Valentine's is supposed to be about appreciating love. How can these people just do such things without guilt eh? @.@

  4. so true..that is why i don't celebrate valentine's

  5. hahah woah that is interesting. gotta remind the wives that there are always something behind those presents ;)

  6. Wow. I don't think Valentine's is a problem, but it's just how some "ppl" take advantage of the day. Pity those wives with two timing husbands :(

  7. Hahaha I so agree about the Mistress Day, Maids Day etc. The ones who smile the widest during V-day are the florist, jewellers and eatery owners among others.