Friday, February 24, 2012


Keith was the most extra ordinary guy one could know. Jenny knew him by accident.

 One night while driving home Jenny had a flat tyre. Along came a gentleman that stopped to help. He tried very hard but couldn't get the wheel off. So he called for a tow truck. He was so kind to wait with Jenny for the truck. In those short 30 mins, they got to know one another. After that incident, they became friends.

 The next night that gentleman, Keith, called Jenny for a date. They had been dating for four nights continuously.

Keith never came round during the day. He would have his cell phone turned off.  Jenny asked Keith what was he doing. He replied he worked in the share market as a broker. He had no time for personal calls and always busy during the day, everyday.

When night came,  it was a pleasure and delight to see him. Keith would always come to pick Jenny at 7.30 sharp.

At the weekend, Keith never came by but he called on Saturday night to say he had much work to finish at home.

On the following Monday night,  Jenny jokingly asked Keith if he was married or seeing other girls. To both of her questions, he answered no.

In a way, Jenny found him to be quite mysterious and  she intended to find out his secrets.

 So, she pretended to be angry if Keith didn't tell her where he was actually working. Seeing that, Keith  reluctantly gave her the name of an office in KL.

The next morning, out of curiosity Jenny checked out the number of the office and gave it a call.

The receptionist who took her call, told Jenny that Keith didn't turn up for work for a week. She said the manager might have sent Keith out of town.

On hearing that, Jenny felt strange but she would not ask Keith about that. Maybe he would get annoyed over her checking behind his back.

When Keith came by that night, Jenny asked  him for his address. He wrote it down for her.

Somehow, Jenny had a suspicion that Keith was a married man. The next morning she drove to the address given to her, guided by her GPS

She ended up at a large disused mining pool. 'That's impossible" she kept on thinking while driving home. 'Why the hell would Keith give me an address like that?   He must have made a mistake."

The rest of the day, Jenny was in no mood to do anything else but waited eagerly for night to come. When Keith arrived, she would want him to clarify a few things with her this time.

That evening, at about 7, Jenny made a cup of coffee and sat by the telly to wait for her date.

The evening news was just coming on, reporting that a car was pulled out from a disused mining pool that afternoon. The driver, a male of about 23, inside it was dead, believed to have commited suicide by drowning. That man probably had died more than a week ago.

Jenny's eyes were glued to the telly as she watched the ongoing news. She almost fainted when she saw that the car being pulled out of the pool and the victim's body were...........Keith's.