Thursday, November 3, 2011


I sincerely wish to thank everybody that visited my blog and special thanks to those who left their wonderful comments. Very much appreciate all your kind words. I am sorry to say that my story has not ended.  As Halloween is over, the remaining of the story is definitely not as creepy,  i hope............

I had always knew that that old house in Ipoh was haunted. Somehow or rather,  i got tired of convincing my parents about that for they wouldn't listen. I was 15 years old then.

There were 2 incidents that i wish now to relate.

I had a granny staying with us. Her room was upstairs , about 15 steps away from mine. The old town houses were rather long. My room was just beside the bathroom. My granny had a  habit of taking a bath in the afternoon, after lunch.

As usual in the afternoons, only me and my granny were in the house. My parents were at work and my little sister was at school.

On one particularly hot afternoon at about 2.30pm, while my granny was taking a bath upstairs and i was doing my homework at the dining table downstairs, something very strange happened.

I, all of a sudden, heard my granny upstairs, who was just coming out of the bathroom after her bath,  loudly screaming   "Who are you? Hey, who are you? Come out of there, come out of there Now!!".

I quickly rushed up the stairs. On reaching the top i saw my granny standing outside the door of her room, pointing with a shaking finger "There, there, in my room, she went in there, under the bed!". My granny's face went pale as if she saw a ghost.

 "Who, who went under your bed?  There's only you and me here in the house " i said.

 "A girl, a girl with long black hair,  in a yellow dress and black shoes, she went in there under the bed!" my granny replied.

 It seemed that my granny , as she was coming out of the bathroom,  saw a girl with long hair of about 17 or 18 years old,  running hurriedly past her,  heading from my room towards her room, which door was left opened. My granny just saw the back of  the girl disappearing into her room. She saw the girl's legs and her black shoes under the bed.

 I didn't feel afraid as it was in broad daylight. So, I went into the room and looked under the bed, while my granny stood outside as though there was a giant cockroach there.

There was nothing. I told my parents about it when they came home. My mum said that granny was getting old and that she was starting to imagine all kinds of  weird things.

Another incident happened, about a month later.  I remember it was on a Saturday night. My mum had taken my granny and my little sister to sleep over for the weekend, at  a relative house in Kampar. Only my dad and I were in the house.

It was sometime in the middle of the night that i..........To Be Continued.


  1. Hei thats really scary man. Luckily your granny was ok and did not faint or something. I'm looking forward to hearing how this spooky tale ends!

  2. read aje my bulu roma already standing up high

  3. Thanks fro dropping by my blog. :)

    Just read ur earlier post & this post.
    Creeeppyyy. :O

    Wah, got "to be continued.." ooohh, *jengjengjeng* :d

  4. Okay, that's abit spooky, nevertheless, it's still a good story over there :)

  5. scary giler... hehehee :P btw nice blog you have

  6. Hi, once again thanks for all the great comments :)