Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Welcome to Bruno Mars Kingdom! Where no one can escape from  his terrible and sweet torture.

 He is everywhere, there is no point in hiding, he will get you sooner or later! You will surrender to him sooner or later. 

 He is in the air you breathe. You can hear him on the radio, in every hotel lobby, in every shopping mall, in every pasar malam, at the station, the buses, the airport , the planes, the ships, the casino, the hairdressers, the massage parlour, the funeral parlour,  you name it, he is everywhere.

 Most likely he is on every ringtone and every desktop etc. etc.

 Just after that sweet angel Akon has retired, we are now ruled by another sweeter angel,  Bruno Mars. I just don't understand, are these 2 sweet angels cousins? Hearing their sweet melodies really get my hair standing. 

Where on earth can one find tunes like that? I think they belong to heaven.

Simply listen to King Bruno's Marry You, Just The Way You Are, Lazy Song, Billionaire and all the rest of his holiness treasure and you will know what I mean.

. America is a funny country. Anyone with a simple tune can get into the Top 40, just like anyone can be a President and any one can be an American Idol. Songs with tunes so elementary that only fit  kids at the kindergarten level are, to name a few, Rain  Over Me, What U Waiting For, Stereo Heart, Party Rock Anthem, Boyfriend and Lighters and every song of Bruno Mars and Akon.

 Nowadays songs are so so childish that include lyrics like love you like a song..or Hey Ho, daylight come and me wanna go home. Come on people, they are just insulting our intellect. Can't they come out with something deeper like our honourable idols from Manchester, England!

 I say it once and again British music can beat American music anytime!! American music only takes us for fools and only want our hard earn money. The rappers are worse. Just because they sounded tough doesn't mean they are intelligent. Listen to PitBull , Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre  and other West Coast rappers, they sound so lame. Just listen to Dizzie Rascal of the UK and you will discover what real rapping is. That guy is COOL!! You have to hear to believe, just try his song Stand Up Tall from the album Showtime.

 Anyway , back to our King Bruno, long live the king!! Viva La Vida!! Viva La Vida!!


  1. 3 yr old kept asking me to repeat and repeat his song un Youtube

  2. (At the risk of incurring the wrath of millions) I think he looks and sounds much better than MJ...

  3. He's talented and has a unique singing voice but I don't find his songs that great. Tunes are quite common and lyrics are too simple. Feels like he's ripping off the oldies.

    colourless opinions

  4. Bet he sells millions on iTunes and who owns iTunes again? Thanks for stopping by..

  5. its just his song's lyrics that are nice. and maybe his MVs?? he's not that good looking. i wont go gaga over him but still i would sing along to his songs XD

  6. The Grenade song offends me - lyrics so unrealistic one :P - "I will catch a grenade for ya..." YA RIGHT LAH!

    That said, I still like the line, "For you I bleed myself dry" (if you know which song that's from, good on you :D)

  7. i am sorry, but I have the urge to ask this, how old are you exactly? :)

    just curious.


  8. Hi pixie alex, i am above 25 so it is safe to voice my comments, right?

  9. i love your line "they just sound so lame". buahahahahaha..... =D

  10. Agreed, Brit music is better than American music. Everything American is just so over-hyped in my opinion. Btw I like the way you write, will keep reading!

  11. Hi, thanks everyone for sharing your views. Also, thanks for the time and the kind words. Very much appreciate them :) always!!

  12. me and Mr mars, we have a love-hate relationship. sometimes i cant get him out of my head. sometimes i found myself humming his tune in the showers. sometimes i get super-annoyed when malls wont stop playing his songs. sometimes i post his song title as my fb status. sigh...

    Btw, you gotta cute site here. love pink!