Monday, October 24, 2011


I don't understand what all the fuss is about korean pop. First i do not understand the language. I think it is kind of cute if you rap with it. But if you listen long enough, especially to korean boy groups rapping, like Beast, Shinee, Big Bang, Dalmatian , SE7EN and Infinite it will become very annoying.

This also applies to the girl groups, most of them rapping in a duck kind of quacking voice. To name a few 2NE1, Girls Generation, T-Ara, 4 Minute, Kara and After School. Everyone wants to sound tough and at the same time look cute.

Most of the girls and boys in a pop group cannot perform a complete dance. You will notice if you ever watched a Korean MV. All they do is to dress up nice and move their body, especially their hands in the MV,  which is split up into many segments. They don't even sing on the MV but mimic.

Talking about cuteness. I guess nobody in the world can beat the Japanese.

Every pop idol in Korea looks facially perfect. It is no secret that everyone has undergone plastic surgery. It is no easy life to be a pop idol in Korea. You have to undergo years of hard training.

I don't understand why there are so many members in some groups like Super Junior and Girls Generation. I think Super Junior should be named Super Crowded like a hypermarket is,  at weekends. And Girls Generation should be named Girls Population!

Korean Pop is so monotonous, every song has almost the same drum beat. Almost every song has a little bit of English in it, why is that so?

It is amusing to count  the number of clothes the idols change into, between sets for just one MV. No wonder DongDaeMun is doing great business!

To All Lovers of  Korean Pop...Good Luck To You!!!!


  1. hahahahahahahahhha i love this one "Super Junior should be named Super Crowded like a hypermarket". It make me wonder... WHY... WHY... Why...Mr Anderson. (Agent Smith asking Neo)

  2. Lol....wakakakaka...I luv this quote too
    "I think Super Junior should be named Super Crowded like a hypermarket is, at weekends. And Girls Generation should be named Girls Population!.."

  3. me too me too~ i dont get the fuss too. mayb coz im over the star craze age edi~ lol. XD XD

  4. Haha, no, I was not angry when I read your post :)
    I believe that different people have different opinions on certain things and I think that we should respect each other's opinions. I understand your meaning since I have a friend that has the same opinion as you :)

  5. One thing I don't understand about K-Pop groups is the sheer numbers - so many people for what? They're probably not paid enough as it is, some more have to divide among so many members? Really?

    Not into it because of the language barrier and my own music obsessions already cost me a mint - I don't need anymore reason to spend so much :P

  6. many people in group like boy band, er.. Nasyid? hahahaha