Saturday, June 2, 2012


Wanna talk about a girl who climbed out of a well and frightened the daylight out of us. I must admit I never dared to watch The Ring (original Japanese version) all alone by myself.

And I am not sure how many of us dare to

For the simple reason that the movie spells HORROR all the way. The actual horror doesn't just come out in the final scene. The part where that long hair Samara came out of a well and crept her way out of the telly,  but throughout the movie.

It is in every respect more superior than the slasher movies that Hollywood dished out. Those were never scary but violent

The Ring  carries an aura of unspeakable horror. In every scene you can sense something horrible is in the air
The atmosphere of death and of someone dying stays with you throughout.

Quite a masterpiece. Even tonight, if I were to put on that DVD I would still need someone beside me first.

Many Thai movies are scary as well in a way. Shutter is one of them. I could never forget that one scene where the devil was sitting on the shoulders of her male lover as he was walking around the room.. That was so scary because it was so unexpected. Never in a horror movie,  had we watched something like that.

When you walk into any DVD shop, you can find loads of horror flicks but seriously not many are that good. Many times we would get tricked by the pictures on the cover. The more spooky it looks, the less scary the movie ...examples..The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Last Exorcism, Paranormal Activities etc, etc.

Sometimes I come across, printed on the covers of pirated dvds of entirely different movies,  the same line  "Masterpiece, shocking...not to be missed!"

I got a pirated copy of the sci-fi horror "The Thing" but on its cover there is this line "A Hilarious Must-See!" I wonder what that means.

 Later, I bought another scary dvd "Rosewood Lane" and also, the same line "A Hilarious Must-See!" appears on the cover. I could hardly find anything hilarious  in both the movies!

Everyone one of us has high expectations of getting a good fright watching horror movies. But many are just let downs. To name a  few.....Fright Night,  The Rite,  Don't Be Afraid of The Dark, Apollo 18 and the worst ...Dylan's Dog.

Recently, i watched The Cabin in the Woods, The Woman in Black and The Innkeepers. All are disappointing. I would say The Woman in Black is quite a classic horror movie though not scary enough. Anywhere, the actor is good. Why not?.....he is Mr. Harry Potter himself!

Anyone looking for a solid horror dvd to take home, should consider 'Insidious'. If you still haven't watched that, do not miss it. Warning: Don't watch it alone!!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations

    keep it up

  2. omg my dad has The Ring CD and i never dared to watch it! I watched a little bit of exorcism of emily rose few yrs back with my sister and we had to sleep together at night and got scolded by my mom. it sure was a scary one and plus, it was a true story! however, thai horror movies are the scariest. watched the dark flight with my frens last month n thank god it wasnt one of those scariest type! :D ! YEAP NEVER WATCH ALONE!!

  3. The Ring was really good. Have you seen The Grudge as well? I think the original Japanese versions are scarier than the others. Creepy.

  4. I have seen The Ring, but i don't really like it.

    I think Saw is much better or Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

    Greets from Germany=)