Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Your young adventurous soul
touched by a moment of majestic glory
A mysterious stranger falls for you at first sight
whose never ending praises only heightened your beauty

He is not a Greek philosopher he claims to be
though he ravishes mundane scenes of ancient history
Gallantly cool,  basely impressive
wittily romantic, ever so repulsive

You opt for a revolutionary
you get a missionary
Imposter on a quest
for the Holy Grail?

His secrets made you ill
you take it on yourself
You dare say now
believing comes so easy

Your open mindedness
bears no discrimination
When hands reach out for you
like a fool you rush to them.

Hi there, my innocent friend
the world has its illusions
reflected in a maze of dialectic dimensions
At times when I am confused
trusting my heart all ills shall be healed

So believe the one behind it all
always remember the arrangement of the seasons
After winter comes spring
and after summer comes fall

The joy to be loved, the fascination of romance
how young the world is, so why not take a chance?
Memorial conversations with sweet pledges exchanged
noble deeds but with different ends

One is humble, one is bold
beyond acts of submission, two destinies unfolded
Fallen angel with broken wings
how could you ever reach the boundaries of heaven again?

Stronger, you are than me, dear innocent friend
for my heart lies trapped within the hour glass of sand
My passion arises beyond my conservatism
my jealously demands its deserved liberalism

Where is my discipline?
my feelings illiterate
My education lost
for you my thoughts so engrossed

I live my life as you think
my identity becomes yours
Unreal, my dreams will remain till the end
like my wish to be innocent again.


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