Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas is here again. Time for forgiveness, time for giving and also time for resolutions too, as the new year is just around the corner. I very much look forward to the new year as there are new challenges ahead. New friends to meet, new and better way of doing things, new thoughts and maybe new places to be.So everyone out there, do not be stuck in your miserable single room. Let your thinking lead you on to better times. Come on people, winter will soon be over and spring is coming... flowers in bloom!

Before that, I wish to say something about today, Christmas Day. Whether I am a Christian or not. I still think there is something special about today. Somehow this day brings me back to the times when I was just a child. Always wanted to stay up late on the night before Christmas, looking out the window of my dark room at the roof opposite my house. Hoping to see Santa alighting from his sleigh with loads and loads of presents for every kid. Although that never ever happened, just the thought of it would make me happy throughout my years as a child.

Another thing that seems to be magical, are the Christmas carols. Whenever I hear Jingle Bells, I always get a picture of riding on a sleigh through a white snow covered forest on a white snowy Christmas afternoon. Children playing everywhere, some are making a snowman and others are throwing snowballs at each other. But when I hear the song at night, I always imagine that Santa is approaching the town , flying over our houses and ringing his bells. What a long way he has to travel, from the icy cold of Iceland to this warm and heaty part of our town.

A song I always find magical is Silver Bells. Hearing it will remind me that Christmas is near. Funny thing is that I am always in a shopping mall whenever that song is played.

Of all the Christmas songs that I know, one in particular will always remain special and that is Do they know it's Christmas? by Band Aid. It is not often that a group of talented and unselfish musicians come together to donate all the proceeds from that song to help people dying of starvation in Ethiopia, Africa.

This brings to mind that you and I are so lucky that we are not them. So, as we celebrate with joy this wonderful day, do not forget to give a thought to those who are not as lucky as us.

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