Saturday, November 27, 2010


There is a time for everything. One good friend used to tell me that if you laugh that much, you will cry that much. If you enjoy that much, you will suffer that much. I always wonder how much of what he said is true. But I do believe that there is a time for everything.

There is a time for laughter and there is a time for sorrow. There is a time to be a hero and there is a time to be a coward. There is a time for hate and there is a time for love. There is a time for success and there is a time for failure. There is a time to live and there is a time to die.

You must always remember that all things, good or bad, must pass.

When you take a walk in the evening after the rain, you will see the freshness of the grass you walk on. Look at the houses along the street, they have been washed clean. You will realise  that the sun will soon be setting and the colour of the sky will be beautiful. Too beautiful for any artist to paint, too beautiful for any camera to capture. This is your life, too beautiful for words to describe. This is the time to feel that you and nature are one. The beauty you see around you is the beauty in you.

As you are slowly walking along the street, up in the dark space above the sky, the planets and stars are revolving by themselves and also revolving round the sun. How orderly they spin on their own, hardly colliding into one another. This is the order of nature. And you are a part of this order. So do not make a mess of your life by defying this order.

Feel the evening wind on your face. This wind comes from afar. It travels all the way from the distant hills, drifts through the town and now touches your face. You are the reason the wind is blowing.

Look at the children playing in the field. See how happy they are. They know no worries and they think their play is never ending, Look at your own happiness, let it be never ending,

But evening always reminds us that something is about to end. All the fun of the weekend ends when Sunday evening comes. All the long holidays in the sun ends when Sunday evening comes. Suddenly you feel sad that all things must pass. When the night finally comes, don't feel sad. Hold on to your good memories and you will  always feel the warmth of the sun in your heart.

Good friends will come and they will go. Sooner or later you will end up alone. When you are alone in your bed, where do you go.

 Use your mind and you can travel far. Across the seas to distant lands you have never been before. Look at the great cathedrals of Spain. Walk in the streets of London. Play with the poor children of Naples. Climb the hills of Peru. Party all night in Brazil. Feel the rain in Africa. Visit the sacred temples of India. Taste the ice cream of Italy.  Feel the cold mid-winter of St. Petersburg.Go where you want to, no one can stop you.
So when evening comes, welcome the night. Get ready for an adventure of your lifetime!


  1. quite a thoughtful writeup.. :)

  2. Hi Ken, thanks for the comment. This is ground control callin. Are u in space yet? Send my fond regards to our pals in Cybertron, esp. the mean ones. Logging out.... cheers:)