Friday, November 19, 2010


Something that Julie said, I just couldn't get it off my head. She said her boyfriend has left her for another girl. She didn't know that girl but she met her once. Julie said she couldn't understand why he fell for her. This girl wasn't even pretty. I said maybe its the way that she treated him.

Julie said she would give anything to have him back. All their past had been happiness. Meeting and dating everyday and night. Her special would say the sweetest things and made promises that he would always be by her side. They had a great time together for almost ten months. That went by so fast that it seemed like it was only ten minutes.

Once they were by the beach watching the sunset. He said he loved to see her long flowing hair dancing in the breeze. And the rays of the sun on her face was worth all the gold in the world. He said he loved everything about her, the way she walked on the sand and the smile on her face. Julie said she wouldn't believe these good times would end. He said he would love her till the seas ran dry.

He said many many things to Julie. All were praises for her. One Sunday afternoon Julie accidentally cut her forefinger while she was peeling an apple with a knife. He ran towards her and held her in his arms and cried. He said that was like a cut into his heart.

Whenever they went out, he would be very jealous if Julie looked at other boys or talked about her casual boyfriends. There were numerous times that he took her mobile and screened through her messages. Another time Julie discovered that he had hacked into her facebook profile and erased all her photos with her friends. Julie didn't mind that, as that would gain his trust in her, she said.

Julie said they never quarreled. Whenever she lost her temper over something, he would be the one to give in. He told her he couldn't bear to see her unhappy or angry.

One day while Julie's birthday was drawing near, she suggested to him that she would like it to be celebrated  in a restaurant together with her parents. He neither said yes or no. Julie took it for granted that he agreed that that would be the arrangement. On the night of her birthday, he didn't turn up. She kept calling him but her calls were never answered. Since that day, Julie never heard from him.

On a Friday evening, three weeks later, Julie saw him with another girl in his hand. He was so busy talking to this girl that he didn't even notice Julie, as he walked past her. Julie ran home and cried.

Yesterday, Julie said that she would still forgive him if he would only come back to her.


  1. ya..agreed...we will remember things we said in the past one day. No matter is good or bad.

  2. Hi Kevin, True. I guess if we can, we would try to erase all the unhappy memories and keep only the happy ones. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. This is devastating..ask your friend to be happy aight, it's not worth filling her mind with sad memories. (:

  4. Hi Cassy, I guess being the first boy you loved and the first hurt would take quite a while to heal. Maybe till she finds another, then she'll see that every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks for commenting :)

  5. I don't think Julie should forgive him.
    I mean, even if he come back to her he'd do the same thing again some day.

  6. got my attention even at the topic. great write up!

  7. Hi Lynnie, Wow, you are so wise. I agree with you. Men habits are the hardest to change. Take for example, smoking, gambling, speeding, boasting & most of all flirting. Thanks for your great comment.

  8. Hi, Teh Tarik Drinker, thanks for comin by. Really appreciate it. You are a cool guy with a great voice.Heard your version of One in a million. Wow, you could be the next idol! You got the looks and the personality, no joke!!