Sunday, November 14, 2010


I met a small man with a big car
I asked him 'Hey Mister, are you a star?'
He said 'No, I just work in a bar'
I could not believe it
How could he afford such a car?
He said 'Do not believe too much what you see
There is a story behind every face.
Like when you listen to the radio,
You cannot see what is taking place.
No one knows I am a slave,
I used up every sen that I saved
I work double hard to pay for the car
Even borrowed from whoever came to the bar,
To pay for the car.

I met a pretty girl at a store the other day
I asked her 'Why is everybody coming this way?'
She said 'This is an international boutique and now its in town
Everyone is dying to have a look around.'
I looked at the prices, I could hardly believe
The store was robbing us like thieves
A large crowd gathered outside rushing to get in
Some were ordinary like you and me
While others acted like they were beauty queens
Like flocks of sheep
they rushed to the counter to pay
Later tonight they would post it on their blog to display
Whatever they bought they thought was cool
They also wanted the world to know that too
But really, who were the actual fools?

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