Thursday, November 11, 2010


Life is a waiting game. Everybody waits for nice things to happen. When will the good apples fall on my side of the fence?' I heard this line somewhere before but I couldn't recall from where or when. When will prince charming come on a white horse?

Well, I guess no one can answer this question except yourself.  One thing for sure is that you have to wait.

So much of our time is spent in waiting. Waiting for our exam results. Waiting for an interview. Waiting for the plane. Waiting for someone. Waiting to be served. Waiting for our pay. Waiting for opportunities. Waiting to get well. Waiting can be so frustrating if it is in vain. Like waiting for someone who never turns up. Waiting for a special that never calls.

If you are lonely and are waiting for someone to love, do not feel so hopeless.For everyone has a lucky star. Look for yours! Someone tells me that is rubbish. I do not agree. If you are patient enough and not let disappointments let you down, you will eventually see your lucky star. Believe is the key. So, have faith!

I wanna ask a question which quite many people cannot really answer.Why are there so many religions in the world and so many believers?

The simple answer is Faith. Because a person has faith in what he believes in. A person who has faith doesn't have to see God physically to believe that he exists.

Faith is not what you can see. Faith is the belief in what you cannot see. I do not have to see to believe there is a God. And I do not have to see to know that God can do miracles.It is what that I cannot see that makes my belief stronger.I don't wanna sound like I'm John Lennon or the Dalai Lama but that is true!

A person who has faith in her husband doesn't have to spy on him all the time,right?. So for those who hasn't found anyone to love, don't worry, have faith. And soon enough, you will find someone waiting for you. Fate always comes so unexpectedly.

I have to tell you this, don't ever let waiting get you down. I tell you a secret, just turn all your waiting into 'getting' and you will you see how easy good things really come to you! Instead of saying 'waiting for a job' say 'getting a job'. Also say things like 'getting an opportunity, getting someone to love me, getting well etc.etc
 Then, you will surely get what you want this time!


  1. Thanks.... I'm be waiting something too... Yeah.. waiting is suffer especially there is disappointment... But its testing someone patient... I do have FAITH...

    GOOD LUCK !!

  2. good tip! changing 'wanting' to 'getting' is a brilliant idea....

    Hi I'm Cik Peah...this post of yours is really motivational...

  3. Very true...^^ Replace "waiting" with "getting"...=)

  4. hmm, i guess i have to change my mind to, like you said, change "waiting" to "Getting"

  5. Well, it's a good idea, but we can't get what we wait for all the time. Anyway, Must stay positive. ^__________________^

  6. Thanks everyone for commenting. Its wonderful that you all are so supportive. Thats true 'waiting for the world to change' should be 'getting the world to change' and its so easy if everyone does his or her part. Its also true that we can't get what we want all the time but at least, at the end of it all, you can pat yourself on the back and say,'Good job! I tried!' You deserve it. Thanks again!

  7. so true! it's like law of attraction, if you take the initiative to step up & do something, other little miracles will fall into place for you, just have to grab it :D

  8. Exactly, the law of attraction really attracts like, dislike attracts dislike, love attracts love & etc. You are brilliant! Thanks for reminding all those still asleep!

  9. Actions speaks stronger than words =) Action works better than waiting. Faith brings us hope, guidance, and a sense of belonging =)

    Nice post u have here ... Cheers =)

  10. Yes Christine, without action nothing ever works.
    Aimless action is even worse. So, action has to have a purpose to be meaningful. Faith will give that action directions so that one is never lost in this world of confusion. Thanks for that great thought, very much appreciate that-)