Thursday, October 28, 2010


"Hang the DJs! Because the music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life.'.....taken from 'Panic' by The Smiths. This is for the DJs at Hits FM. Stop the Gotcha pranks! Spend more time educating your listeners about music instead. At least, they will appreciate the bands more and CD sales will go up and you guys will get promoted and we listeners will support you!

Example, how about telling all your listeners about Bruce Dickinson, vocalist of Iron Maiden. How many of them actually know that when the band is on a world tour, the man flying the massive passenger airline is Bruce himself. For all the ladies who wish to appreciate him, just listen to Bruce Dickinson's 'Tears of a Dragon' and you'll get what I mean. Stop playing that stupid 30H!3 'My First Kiss' hundred times a day, day in and day out! And stop repeating songs, the hits music catalogue is so wide. Don't be lazy!

You guess what will happen if I keep repeating my posts, I will soon be deserted by my loyal bloggers and end up with  Leonardo Dicapro in Shutter Island! If you wanna watch that movie, you can drop in at the last ten minutes, the whole story is there.

One day, there was a guy who was brought before a judge. He was suspected for shoplifting, a pair of Rayban sunglasses and a Quiksilver watch.

The judge asked for his name.                                    
The guy answered 'I.M.'                                                
The judge asked him again 'What is your full name?'
The guy answered ' I.M. Guilty, sir.'
Then the judge said 'Okay, Mr I.M. Guilty, you are sentenced to two months jail. Have you anything to say?'
The guy then replied 'Yes sir, but I am not guilty'

I hate names that make no sense. Examples are as follows:

The All American Rejects
What a name! No doubt the band will end tonight. The next morning you will find its members working at the Reject Shop. 'It ends tonight' would be the most appropriate song to play on the last day of the Laura Ashley's warehouse sale, Jusco grand sale and Tesco countdown sale!

Black Eyed Peas
Yacky! Does this group have any taste at all? Wouldn't 'Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce' sound yummier? Better send them to Cybertron to eat some Boom Boom Pow!

Panic! at the Disco
What a joke! These guys must be virgins on their first visit to a disco.

Sean Kingston
Better call 911, there's fire on the dance floor! Mmm, now I understand why those virgins on their first visit panicked! There's actually fire on the dance floor! Pity those clubbers who came in crocs! Who started the fire in the first place? Must be the chaps from Manchester, The Smiths! Remember 'burn down the disco, hang the blessed DJ! Because the music that they constantly play......'? Anyway, Sean Kingston comes from Kingston, Jamaica.Is it cool to have a name telling people where you're from? In the old days that was cool, like Jesus of Nazereth, Lawrence of Arabia, Don Quiote of La Mancha. Today, if you have a name like Rio Brazil or Yoko Tokyo, you will be famous! And the rest will die laughing.

One Republic
Wow, this is a great big name! It sends shivers down your spine. This name always makes me imagine a kingdom located somewhere in a remote region of the world with a population of one, the singer himself. No arguments, Apologise is an awesome song and the person who sang it has the most fantastic voice. With such a voice, he can be made King anytime in his republic, where he rules over himself!

Simple Plan
These guys are simple minded, they don't fancy doing anything big. But watch out, they may be busy devising a plan to rob their local 7-Eleven store tonight! But first they must figure out what is the total sum of angles in a right angle triangle.

Boys Like Girls
What can I say? Isn't it obvious that boys like girls, girls like Barbie, boys like Spiderman! Of course you can't say thieves like robbers or Lady Ga Ga likes Radio Ga Ga!

Green Day
It sounds like someone is trying to introduce green technology to the discos. Everyone's gonna come naked! When Green Day started, they brought the house down at Woodstock 2. Their Dookie album sold like hot cakes. Later they got tired, their fans got tired. Now they are getting more tired, their fans are getting even more tired. I think they've been around for too long and still imitating Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols on the stage. Fans got tired to see them playing like that. Worse still, '21 Guns' is like a song for the dying. The melody of the first line is exactly the same as an old song that my grandfather sang karaoke to..'If your're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair'

Paris Hilton
Great businesswoman. She kills two birds with one stone. When you come to Paris, make sure you check into the Hilton!

Lady Ga Ga
One ex-fan told me that her name would be better if it was Lady Poo Poo. If she's got a baby she can name it Baby Wee Wee.

Dangerous name. If the Russian Intelligencia knows about it, they will start producing military tanks of this name for World War 3. That, my beautiful friend, would be the end of the world.

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