Saturday, October 23, 2010

I hate everything but myself

There's no doubt it, I am the most beautiful, adorable & desirable person alive. Wherever I go I find eyes groping at me. Girls are so jealous of me, all my friends envy me of my beauty. That's great, the more jealous they are, the more they admit that I am the prettiest.

I hate most girls because they are so big headed. I hate most men because they talk rubbish, especially on the net. I hate all bloggers because they are like skateboarders - all time wasters!

I hate all geeks cos they just glue themselves to the monitor, they are so empty headed that whatever information they get is what the computer is spoon feeding them with.

I hate rappers & rap music, they sound no better than nursery rhymes. The song - i love the way you lie- is so sadistic,  how can one actually love the way burning oneself hurt! In New York, New York, Alicia Keys is screaming like a madwoman in the chorus. All rap songs have no intellectual meaning because they are sung by not highly educated people. They always boast about simple things like their bling blings, their Gucci bags, their big cars, their clubbing & their gals. Come on, there are more to life than that!

I hate all the DJs at Hits FM. They just blah, blah rubbish & they think they are cool. Their talking is so artificial & boring, the same applies to VDJs on the Quickie show on 8TV. None of them seemed to be knowledgable about the music they play. They have no idea of the history of the groups or the meaning of their songs. I bet they can't even tell the difference between heavy metal, speed metal, thrash and death metal!  They take us listeners as fools with their prearranged Gotcha tricks. Often they make parodies of hit songs where they sing with their ugly voices, I wonder if they ever paid any copyright to the original artistes! Hits FM DJs, you hear one, you hear them all!

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