Monday, October 25, 2010


I am extremely excited today. I discovered on the net uncountable ' I HATE MYSELF AND I WANNA DIE' sites. I hate people who say such things. Come on, everyone's gonna die one day. So if you are alive, better learn to appreciate it!

I hate weak people. They are so emotional and so easily hurt by others. BE STRONG, RAISE YOUR VOICE AND SHOUT IN THEIR FACES! Like you shout at the Devil! Don't give no chance for anyone to hurt you!

I have been through relationships with all sorts of people-some were weirdos, some morons and others mostly hypocrites and I can tell you I survived them all!

Talking about hypocrites, I really hate them.

The man who acts as a hero amongst friends but behaves like a mouse in front of his wife.

The man who cries 'Donate to the Poor' pockets the money himself.

The man who says 'Feed the World' gets himself fatter by the minute.

The man who scorns porn, watches porn all night while his wife and children sleep. Sleep Tight Everyone!

I hate cosmetics. I am naturally beautiful. I do not need to be a peacock. Look at Asian girls, the Thais, the Vietnamese, the Indians, the Malays and the Chinese, all inherently beautiful! The tone of their skin is so hot, their innocence so charming and their stares so enchanting. Look no further, here is paradise!

I hate models. I hate how they catwalk, everyone pretends to be macho, what a joke! For their exposure, models are all unkindly exploited. They will only get their paychecks many many months later. Some will hardly get anything should his or her agency closes down.

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