Sunday, October 24, 2010

The more things i hate, the more i love myself

Today I am so excited and happy. The more things I hate, the more happier I am.

I hate newspapers. To me, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. Stop wasting money buying paper to read bad news.

I hate movies. I cant understand how anyone would willingly pay money to be imprisoned for more than two hours in a tiny chair to have rubbish continually thrown at his face. Most of all, I hate Avatar. It is so cartoonish and meaningless that it should be called "The Man Who Wanted to Die as a Blue Donkey". I hate Twilight - the entire cast looks like real zombies trying so hard to act as humans. 

I hate TV. I hate Gossip Girls. Everyone is so ugly trying to be beautiful that it should be called "The Ugly Bed Hoppers". I hate American Idol. It is so embarrassing that it should be called "The American Bathroom Singers". I hate Project Runway. The old man is so old-fashioned and the designers are so dumb. And the judges so irrelevant. The program should be called "Project for Failed Designers Who Made The Audience Ran Away". 

I hate hair stylists. Look at what they did to Nicholas Cage in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", "Kick Ass" and "Bangkok Dangerous". Good Lord, only he can appear in public like that!! Another example is Lady Gaga. The lady with the ugliest hair!!

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