Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forget About The Rest, Teenage Years Were The Best

There was once a boy I knew in my class. Nobody wanted to be near him. Everyone called him a nerd.He never spoke to anybody and always kept to himself. One day, I was chatting with my girlfriends about the upcoming Michael Jackson concert, this boy must have overheard our conversation. 

The next day at school I saw an envelope on my desk. I opened it. Inside was a note: Got 2 tickets for Michael Jackson's concert. Please be my partner. Signed: HUSH. He nicknamed himself Hush so that no one would notice. I would die to see Michael but not with him. But somehow I accepted. I turned to where he was sitting and glanced at him with a smile to indicate my acceptance of his invitation. His face turned as red as a rose!

Came that evening, Hush picked me in his father's car. I was surprised to see him. He looked so cool. His hair was neatly gelled up. He wore a white t-shirt with both sleeves rolled up exposing his firm muscles. He was wearing a pair of tight Levis' 209. For a second I thought he was Enrique Iglesias! There were some words printed on the front of his t-shirt in red. I couldn't read what they said as he was at the wheel.  My long hair was tied in a pony tail. I wore a black tanktop with the words 'I love Michael' on it and a pair of short denim skirt.

When we arrived at the stadium, Hush got out of the car.At that moment, I got to see what was printed on his t-shirt. It said 'Sex Instructor. First Lesson Free'. I almost fainted! Many thousands of fans were already at the gates. As we approached, I noticed so many people, majority girls,  fingerpointing at Hush and me. They were giggling and laughing their stupid heads off.

Finally, we found our seats.The concert kicked off with a local band playing some rock numbers that nobody bothered to listened. People were chatting away, many were drinking and laughing and some others were busy munching away either nuts or gum. After a dreadful 20 minutes of nonsense music, some chap on the stage announced 'Let's give a warm welcome to Michael Jacksonnnnnn!' That was it. That woke up the entire stadium of 7,000 fans. Everyone, including Hush beside me, started jumping up onto the seats. I thought a revolution had started! I couldn't see anything except a row of bums in front of my face. Hush was up on his seat screaming "Michael, Micheal, Moonwalk, Moonwalk!! As the drums went Thump! Thump! Thump! My heart went Thump! Thump! Thump! I was so worried that the rows and rows of seats would collapse and the stadium caved in!

In came Michael. He stood there like a stone for 5 minutes and began his first number 'Jam'. Screams and screams from the fans were deafening. Throughout the whole 2-hour concert, Hush never once turned to look at me. His eyes were glued to the stage. I couldn't even see Michael as the bunch of morons in front of me were all the time jumping and dancing on their seats. Hush didn't even know I existed. Deep down I felt so alone even though I was surrounded by thousands and thousands of people.

Hush was moving and swaying his body in the most contorted way. Like he was possessed by some kind of spirit or something.When Michael did 'Billie Jean' , all hell broke loose from Hush. He swayed uncontrollably in torment screaming and yelling out words I simply couldn't understand. They went something like Wow Wow Gothca Cow, Pow Pow Muncha Now.... Moo Moo Zimbi Zimbi Chew....Coo Coo Waki Waki Loo. I was terrified. I wanted to go home. Hush was gonna turn into a Shaman or a Witch Doctor!!

The day after that concert, Hush became his normal self again. Spoke to no one, not even me. That afternoon as he walked past me, without a word he handed me a note: 'I apologise for my behaviour last night. I couldn't help it. Michael was awesome!' I understood.

Has been sometime I haven't heard from Hush. He is an okay kind of fellow, I think I will not hate him.


  1. Hush, what kind of man actually he is? ^^
    pretty weird, but i think he like you...

  2. well, he's kinda weird..
    don't think you kept in touch with him right? :)

  3. Actually Hush went missing. Heard he didn't like it here cos no one likes him. I am sure he is hiding somewhere across the seven seas. Hope he will eventually read my blog. "Hello Hush, wherever you are, surf the net tonite!"

  4. @ken: ahahah... how to put this? hurm.. what about... "no comment"? XD
    anyway, he still is a good person, right miss owner? ^^

  5. I don't know, would you? You know men are so crafty without a woman watching over them. Maybe Hush is now enjoying himself in the famous red light district in Amsterdam, nobody knows.