Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I always hate disclosing names. I hate it even more if I didn't. I hate personalities. They are filthy rich, living in their palaces up in Hollywood Hills, all because of you and me.This brings to mind the ones I particularly hate.

Fergilicious is definitely not delicious. She sounds like a desperate housewife with menopause running for the title of a teenage queen.When she raps, she sounds like a granny working in a bar somewhere in Texas.

Gwen Steffani
She has already exhausted herself trying to be Madonna and failed.There's absolutely no doubt she had better stay in No Doubt indefinitely. That, would be her sweetest escape.

Lady Ga Ga
Even worse, she is trying double hard to be Gwen and triple hard to be Madonna. Hello Grandmother, wake up! The Madonna era is over! We are living in 2010, not 1980!

This guy is unbelievable. His melodies are sweeter than honey. Always makes my hair stands on ends. He should be composing nursery rhymes and lullabies for the newly born. My holiness! Please give him wings and make him an angel in your choir.

Sounds like the rusty nasty chainsaw used in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He should be producing sound effects for all horror movies instead.

Katy Perry
She is giving everybody a teenage nightmare. I guess she has moved to Elm Street. If you listen to California Girls and Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus back to back, I bet you can't tell which is which.

Taylor Swift
If ever you play Love Story on the piano, you will realise how horrible this song sounds. Surely she can't be classified as Country, she's so Pop, should be singing for the Mickey Mouse Fan Club.

Justin Bieber
He is so cute, he should be Timberland's teddy bear.

Lady Antebellum
The most unlikely country singer with a scientific name like Dr. Who. Her songs just remind one of Me and Bobby Mcgee, Oakee from Mustokee , The night they drove Old Dixie down and a whole lot of others way down yonder. YeeHaw!

If I were younger, his voice would scare the hell out of me because it always reminds me of a movie I watched when I was little. I grew up watching it zillions of time. In retrospect, his voice reminded me of the ugly green faced and crooked nose Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz. Hello Slimshady, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!

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