Friday, October 29, 2010


When I say I am beautiful. Many gals commented 'so boastful, I hate this blog'. Come on, this is the internet.Whether you like it or hate it, doesn't alter anything. There are millions of people out there. If all these millions of people have to please you, you must be very big headed. Guys, on the other hand, are more easy going. But guys are like little boys, they always must see it first before they believe it. So, now they are saying that this girl must be an ugly one as she dare not post a photo of herself.

Hello, if I post a picture of me and you find that I am not up to your expectation, surely you would say 'Urgh, what an ugly bitch! I hate this blog, she brags and she's a f***ing liar!' Hey, before you accuse me, take a look at yourself. Everyone seems to forget that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and not in the mirror on your dressing table! Every boy will tell the one that he loves that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Every mother will tell her daughter that she is a princess. Every father, Eminem included,will tell his daughter that she is the most precious. Just listen to his 'Mockingbird' although the song sucks, its meaning makes you wanna reach for your hanky.

Come to think of it, why should I let you judge me. I am not running for the American Next Top Model. I just hate that show. The judges are all morons and nerds. Look for the one with the Three Stooges haircut. They should be sent to the firing squad. Most of all, I hate that bitch Tyra Banks. How she humiliates those poor contestants without mercy! She thinks she's the Queen of the Amazon. She must be sent to the lions! Girls out there, don't be so silly. No one has the right to judge you, so don't let them!

I once knew a garage band. They played very cool music, influenced by British indie groups like Portishead, Blur, Artic Monkeys, Pulp and Radiohead. After two weeks of playing, the members were still contemplating of a cool name for the band. Lots of time were wasted , lots of argument ensured that sometimes even a fist fight nearly erupted between the singer and the drummer, who was the leader of the band. And the rest of us standing there, including me, had to jump in to pull them apart.

One Sunday afternoon, we decided to go for a picnic at a park beside a crocodile farm. The farm had a big lake and the parking area was just  beside it.  On reaching there everyone was asleep as it was such a hot day except for the the drummer, who was driving. He was reversing the car into a parking lot and carelessly stepped too hard on the pedal. The car nearly went into the lake! When the others woke up, the drummer said that he had just found the perfect name for the band.

Finally, for the very first time, everybody agreed. They named themselves 'The Careless Picnickers'. What a cool name for an indie band. Sad to say that, one month later they disbanded after a big fight broke out between the singer and the rest of the band over a song. The singer insisted on singing that dumb song 'I don't wanna miss a thing' by Aerosmith and the rest of the band refused to play. So, a big fight started, everyone began throwing punches at the singer making sure that he didn't miss a thing!


  1. well, some people are just jealous maybe, that's why they hurl insult as others.. :)

  2. Yeah! People are strange but you are a genius. Many thanks.

  3. People are always green with envy lol.
    NOT ME.
    If you say you're pretty in your blog, I'd be "oh man! she's pretty!"

  4. Very much agree. Hey, your'e pretty too, so stay that way. Thanks.

  5. i dont know why i just like ur entries :)

  6. Very appreciate your comment. Not many people out there like reading about a person bragging of her own interests. Be happy! Thanks.

  7. Your blog and you are free to express you opinions. They certainly don't have the right to bash you with their words. As for me, if I don't like certain blog I just stop reading and press the close buttons.

  8. You are the wisest one around. Now I do believe, there's an angel on earth. Thanks.