Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Conversation 

I remember going on a date with a guy named Timothy. He is tall and good looking. Timothy has a perfect man's body. He works out at the gym daily. Walking beside him makes one feel secure. As though you are walking with Wolverine.

That night, Timothy was taking me to a slasher/horror movie. I hated horror movies. Being our first date, I had to oblige. That movie had an awful long title. If I can recall correctly, I think it was 'I will always know what you did last Summer'.

When we got to the cineplex, there was a long queue.It moved very slowly because some guys could not even say the movie title in one complete sentence. Finally, it was our turn at the ticket counter. Timothy voice was so cool. He sounded like the Prince of Wales when he said the whole 'I will always know what you............' with a strong British accent. The trouble was, the girl at the counter couldn't make out a word of what my Prince was saying. In the end, I helped out.

After getting the tickets, Timothy went to buy the usual stuff that movie goers buy 'Popcorn and Coke'. And if you were a couple and you haven't got either popcorn or coke in your hands, you would look odd.
Then we went in. After we were seated comfortably, Timothy and I started to munch our popcorn.So did the guy who was sitting next to me on my other side and so did everyone else.

The lights dimmed. Trailers and adverts were shown and 10 minutes later, the actual feature started. Timothy was so quiet throughout the last 10 minutes. I supposed he was scared of horror movies. How would anyone not be scared, if one was watching it in a THX sound surround hall?

After about 20 minutes through the movie, Timothy began the conversation.

Timothy:  'Now look carefully at the girl with the white blouse. Don't keep your eyes off her. She will be the first one to die'. (I looked. There were two girls on the screen. My eyes followed the one with the white blouse.And before you can finished saying Abacadabra. She was slashed to death by a long sharp knife. I was amazed. How did Timothy know that?)

Timothy:  'Now quick, look at the other girl. When she starts to run, the killer will jump out of that locker behind her and slash her head off. ( I looked. The girl started to run. Out of the locker, jumped the killer and the poor girl's head was slashed off. My God, Timothy could predict the future! I couldn't help it anymore and turned to Timothy and asked.)

Me:        'Timothy, can I ask you something? How did you know that.............'

Timothy: 'Sssh, quiet. Don't miss this part. Now you see the cop there. He is very suspicious looking. He will make everyone think that he is the actual killer. I tell you, he is not. (I looked at the cop. Yes, he did have a face that even his own mother would not believe he was not the killer. Again, Timothy was right, the cop was not the killer. Then came the part where the music was getting a bit scary. The screen showed an old woman walking alone down a long dark lane. The old woman kept turning her head back to see if someone was following her. The scary music went louder and louder. At that moment, I noticed the guy who was next to me on my other side, put a big handful of popcorn into his mouth. But his mouth never moved! He was scared to death. As the old woman started to walk faster, Timothy interrupted.......)

Timothy:  'Don't worry, nothing will happen here. The music is just played to scare you. The old woman will not die.' (On hearing that, the guy's mouth started to move to munch his handful of popcorn down. I looked.
Yes, nothing happened to the old woman.)

So, Timothy went on and on telling me of what would happen next, right till the very end of the movie..
I truly wonder if any girl, other than myself, has been out with someone like Timothy?


  1. =.= the good thing is not getting heart attack or shocked but the bad having a spoiler to spoilt the movie. I still remember double date with my friend and her bf keep spoiling each and every scene. They ended up arguing, because my friend accused her bf had watched the movie with other girl than her.

  2. Aw... I hate spoilers! But since you are not a fan of horror movie, a boyfy like that is very sweet^ ^. I think he watch the movie once before he takes you there. Not much men willing to do so.

  3. LOL > . <!!! what the heck . . . wonder Timothy is a joke or what -.-

  4. Sounds like he wanna act cool in front of you lol.

  5. BSCH:
    That was funny! Many boys enjoy watching a movie not once but many times. A few times they may watch it alone, other times they watch the same movie again with different group of friends each time. Strange but true.. Thanks a lot, again!

    Yes! I cannot agree more! He should be put behind a car! Thanks :D

    He's sweet but he talks too much. Thanks!

    In a way, Timothy is a sweet guy. But he must be more considerate, not to me, but to others. A few guys sitting behind us in fact, asked him to shut up. Thanks :)

    Kian Fai:
    Did you laugh? If you did, then it's a joke. If you did not, then I think you have done such a thing before! Thanks!

    He's more than cool, he's Prince of Wales! Thanks :)